07 December 2021
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Welcome to the Palace of Mafra

Mafra is a village. It is a village known for its Monument, a large stone monument. Mafra is Marble. Mafra is, in the words of a Swiss traveler of century XVIII (Merveilleux), the "metamorphosis of gold in stone".

Mafra is Art. Cosmopolitan Art. Art with magnificence. Mafra is Art with a sense - the cenificación, the spectacle and the representation of the power.

Mafra is the splendor of the Baroque!

We are facing the Portuguese monument that best reflects what we can call the Total Artwork: architecture, sculpture, painting, music, books, textiles ... finally, a typologically diversified Heritage, coherently conceived and carefully commissioned for this Palace / Convent / Basilica / Tapada (Hunting Park) and that, here, configures a unique reality.

Indeed, in an area of ??about 40,000 m2, is implemented a remarkable architectural project executed without any gap or remedy solutions. In fact, everything here is marked by a quality that only JKing João V's generosity could and did demand: excellence in materials, audacious solutions and refinement of execution.

The Architecture models functionalities linked by kilometers of corridors and more than 150 staircases. The Engineering permeates the whole monument, from the dome to the underground. For Mafra, the best ones were chosen. João Frederico Ludovice and Custódio Vieira in architecture, Francesco Trevisani and André Gonçalves in painting, Volkmar Machado and Domingos Sequeira in mural painting, Carlo Monaldi and Machado de Castro in sculpture, Witlockx and Levache in the carillons, Peres Fontanes and Machado Cerveira in the organs are some of those who contributed to configure this patrimony.

When we visit this monument we feel it is a different experience. Different because the singularities that can be experienced here have no parallel elsewhere: an eighteenth-century Hospital , two monumental Carillons also of the eighteenth century, an unique set of Six Tubular Organs in the Basilica and one Library considered, by many, wone of the most beautiful historical one's in the world, form this Heritage which, in its genesis, is a Franciscan Convent, a King's Palace and a Queen's Palace, a Library, a Basilica and a Tapada (Hunting Park).

                                                                                                               Mário Pereira 

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