23 October 2018
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Because we are a palace that provides a public service meant to have added quality and because this Palace has a collection of elements that endow it with a strong pedagogical and didactic component, we find it crucial to continue to strive for the quality of services provided to different types of public, particularly to students. Likewise, we wish to project and consolidate the image of the Mafra National Palace as being an important icon of European Baroque expression.
Therefore we are committed to promoting the safeguarding, restoration and instrumentation of all the elements that we find emblematic.

Based on an architectural project that was magnificently designed for a Convent, Palace and Basilica, a Monument was raised that is comparable only to the most grandiose works that Absolutism built in Europe. Everything in and about this Monument was designed and executed with extreme quality and rigour.

Whenever we speak about the Mafra National Palace, we immediately associate it with its Library. It is, beyond doubt, one of the most important libraries as it boasts a large diversity of thematic collections (15th-18th centuries) representing different fields of knowledge. It is a rich and precious library in a fascinating setting. The rarity, singularity and exclusiveness of its collection also contribute to lending the space an enchanting atmosphere.

Rehabilitation of the basilica’s six organs, which are unique in the world, and the subsequent success of its concerts make it all the more urgent to restore the world’s greatest set of historic carillons, thereby emphasizing the unique relationship this Palace has with the musical universe. It is the Baroque in all its splendour. In the Master Plan and in the mapping of potential uses for this monument, we anticipate changes that are crucial for the development and enhancement of this complex comprising the Palace, the Convent, the Basilica and the Game Park.

All those who dedicate their affection, work and knowledge to this Monument make their best to be able to face the future with a promising attitude towards enhancing this complex, while also working hard to find resources for its accomplishment.


                                                                                 Mário Pereira 

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